No Over-night Parking on Streets

When I first approached the subject of parking on the streets in Anthem, I was told by Town Staff and other Town Council members that this was a HOA (Pulte) issue and had nothing to do with the Town.

After much research I found the parking and street widths to be a confusing issue.  Originally, the Town code called for 50 ft. wide streets.  This allowed on-street parking and two-way traffic.  Then during the building boom, developers convinced towns and cities to allow developments with HOA and CC&Rs to go to 40 ft. wide right-of-way, 12 ft. being devoted to sidewalks, leaving 28 ft. for two-way traffic. There are no provisions for parking on these streets since the developer controlled HOAs were to enforce no-parking in their developments.  That has changed when the state limited the enforcement powers for HOAs.

The Town was correct that the town cannot get involved with an HOA issue.  However, the Town of Florence and Pulte entered into a Planned Unit Development (PUD) agreement which calls for interior streets to provide two-way traffic.  The developer built the streets and then turned them over to the Town.  Now the Town is obligated to maintain and provide two lane traffic.  There may be other developments in Florence that have the same requirements.  Also, Town code requires a minimum passage of twenty feet.  It would be illegal for thee Town to pass a code for a single subdivision, but they can have codes that apply to a standard set of conditions such as narrow streets.  The town can also have requirements to address special traffic conditions such as having one-way traffic on certain streets or special speed limits on certain streets such as school zones or business zones.

I have suggested to the Town Council that the town limit on-street parking on narrow two-lane traffic streets but have not been able to get any support from other council members.  I am therefore asking your support in signing a petition to the Council to change the Town code to restrict over-night on-street parking in PUD areas where two lane traffic is agreed to by the Town and developer(s).  Eliminating the over-night parking will stop the habitual parking but still allow occasion deliveries and visitor parking during the day.

If you would like to review my petition to the Town Council, on-line, and hopefully send your copy, please click here.

If you would like to have a copy of the petition to solicit others to sign, please click here.

Please sign before February 28, 2018